SunrisePro Knife Sharpener Review

With a bright red color and a unique design, the SunrisePro knife sharpener will certainly make a big impression when you put it in your kitchen.

The US patented design of this manually operated device makes it a real stand-out in terms of looks, while it also works quickly and cleverly to get any sort of knife, blade or shears sharper without any fuss.

It is designed to be safe and easy for anyone to use. The knife blade is hidden away while it gets sharpened, meaning that anyone can use it without any fears.

The SunrisePro knife sharpener works to make blades sharper in under a minute. It even works brilliantly on serrated knives and hunting knives, which not every knife sharpener can do. Having said that, it comes with the warning that it can’t be used on serrated knives that are extremely fine-toothed.

The device arrives set to the right angle for knife sharpening, so it is simply a case of looking out a few knives that need to be sharpened and then getting started. In addition, it is advertised as being eco-friendly as well.

What The SunrisePro Knife Sharpener Looks Like

This is a small and portable sharpener that looks very smart and also a bit unusual. The round design and bright red color might not to be to everyone’s taste but there is no doubt that it will look great in many different types of kitchen.


A useful safety feature on the SunrisePro knife sharpener is the way that it has a powerful PowerGrip suction cup on the bottom to keep it safe and steady while in use.

It uses tungsten carbide technology to sharpen effectively every single time. Even better is the fact that it can be operated with just one hand, with your free hand well out of harm’s ways as you operate the sharpener.

Operating this knife sharpening device is incredibly easy. All that you need to do is pull the knife through the sharpening edges 3 or 4 times to get a beautifully sharp blade.

As with most good knife sharpeners, the SunrisePro works by removing a very small amount of metal every time that you use it. This is enough to make it sharper but not enough that you will notice the blade get smaller after sharpening.

It is worth bearing in mind that you will probably notice more shavings after the first use than after subsequent uses. This is because the first time it is used it creates a new cutting edge, while future uses will only enhance this.

Value for Money

Considering how much a good quality knife costs these days, there is no denying that an excellent knife sharpener can work out as a very wise investment. Imagine how much money you would save over the years by never again having to buy a new knife?
The good news is that this model comes in it a very reasonable price. If you have expensive knives at home then keeping them in excellent condition with this knife sharpening tool makes a lot of sense.


  • Sharpens quickly and without any effort
  • Extremely safe to operate, thanks to powerful suction pads
  • Set at the perfect angle so that it is ready to use as soon as you get it
  • Can be used to sharpen a huge variety of different blades


  • The fact that the sharpening angle is fixed doesn’t suit everyone, although it should be fine for most people

Customer Ratings

It is clear from the online reviews that lots of people are delighted at how easy this knife sharpener has made the job of keeping their knives in great condition.

Among the highlights for many reviewers is the ease of use, while the safety features and the cool looks have also impressed a number of previous buyers.

It is encouraging to see very few negative comments about this device, with the vast majority of owners completely satisfied with their purchase it seems. This makes it a lot easier to make the decision to choose this model without any worries about the quality or durability it offers.


It is clear that the SunrisePro knife sharpener is a terrific tool for sharpening knives of all type. Anyone who has struggled with dull blades in the past or who has tried to sharpen them in the old fashioned way will be delighted at how easy and safe this device is to use.

Add in the great value price and it is clear that this is a quality purchase that should give you years of service at a price you are happy with.