Winware 12-Inch Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel Review

The Winware 12-inch stainless steel sharpening steel by Winco offers a classic way to hone knives at home. If you have always been impressed by the way that the professionals sharpen their knives then this is a great way to see how good it feels to do it yourself.

The combination of high quality materials and a tremendously low price makes this one of the smartest possible purchases for someone looking to add a great new tool to their kitchen. Indeed, whether you want to just use it occasionally at home or on a professional basis this is a sound choice of sharpening steel.

What The Winware Steel Sharpener Looks Like

Simple, classic looks define the Winware 12-inch stainless steel sharpening steel. Of course, the most important aspects of this kitchen tool are mentioned in the name, so you know exactly what you are getting.

The 12 inches of stainless steel that make it up give you the perfect way of honing knives that are no longer in their ideal condition. Apart from this part of the appliance, there is also a 5 inch long plastic handle that has a hanging loop on the end of it.

Overall, it is the kind of kitchen knife sharpening tool that looks as though it belongs to someone who knows what they are doing.


To be fair, the timeless simplicity of this sharpening tool means that it is pretty short on features. The key aspect of using it is that you need to understand the right technique required, as it is a fully manual process.

This is also a good moment to point out that this is a honing steel, despite the name of sharpening steel being attached to it. This simply means that it won’t bring a badly damaged knife back to life but that it can give you the perfect edge on a knife that has lost a bit of its original quality.

The plastic handle gives you a steady grip for safety reasons, while the grooved stainless steel does exactly the job that you would expect it to do. It is easy to store thanks to the loop on the handle, and all you need to do to clean it is wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Value for Money

For many people, the excellent value for money represented by this Winware stainless steel sharpening steel is the strongest selling point. Certainly, the low cost means that it is an easy addition to any kitchen and that it doesn’t need too much thought put into it.

As with any tool for sharpening knives or honing them, the key to getting tremendous value for money is in using it regularly. If you keep your knives perfectly well-honed then you could end up saving yourself a lot of money by not having to buy new ones over time.


Very low cost makes it great value for money
High quality stainless steel that stands the test of time
Offers a classic approach to honing knives
The 12 inch steel means that it is big enough to hone even long knives effectively


Not everyone is comfortable using a honing tool like this right away
Some customers have mentioned that the thickness of the handle makes it difficult to hang up by the loop

Customer Ratings

Most customers who have bought this tool online and left a review seem impressed with the Winware sharpening steel. The heavy-duty feel and the effectiveness are among the key points that reviewers have mentioned in its favor.

Naturally, the low cost is another big factor that keeps many people happy when buying this honing tool. The length of the steel has also led to a lot of positive comments, as this makes it easy to keep even longer knives in tip-top condition for longer.

Few people have got bad things to say about this sharpening steel. However, among the most common negative comments are those mention the handle breaking or it simply not doing what they had expected from it.


This is a simple and effective knife honing tool but it seems fair to say that it probably isn’t perfect for everyone. For a start, it is a completely manual tool that needs the user to have an understanding of how to hone a knife.

Perhaps the main reason why a few people have been disappointed with this tool is that they have approached it with the wrong idea about what it can do. This isn’t a knife sharpener and it isn’t something that you can just pick up and get perfect results from at the first time of asking.

However, if you a little bit of research into how to use a honing steel like this then it can turn out to be a terrific purchase.